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SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION: Essay Collection from the RISE Ukraine Coalition presented in London

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At the Ukraine Recovery Conference, which was held in London last week, the RISE Ukraine Coalition presented its collection of essays: "Success is the only option: Ukraine's recovery and modernization". This collection addresses the question why Ukraine will succeed in recovery, restoration, and modernization. The authors of the collection, civic activists, reformers, and representatives of academia, drawing on the experience of transforming certain sectors and state institutions describe how this experience will contribute to Ukraine’s effective reconstruction.

We have structured this publication around three important prerequisites of a successful reconstruction, each being a separate section of the e-book. The first chapter is dedicated to the issue of Ukraine’s ownership. RISE Ukraine coalition is advocating for Ukraine being the key driver of its reconstruction management. The second section is dedicated to the necessary attributes of Ukraine’s reconstruction:  accountability and transparency. Transparency builds trust both within the country and in its interaction with international partners. This section also describes the reconstruction of our dreams, or rather “DREAM” — the Digital Reconstruction Ecosystem for Accountable Management. This system, which will become the basis of all reconstruction projects in Ukraine, is currently under development by members of our coalition in cooperation with the Government. The public module of the DREAM ecosystem was presented at the URC. It is available at

Finally, section three is focused on another equally important factor of reconstruction, the financial one. Certainly, no country or organization has the necessary resources to finance Ukraine’s reconstruction by itself. Therefore, the desired level of financial support can be achieved only by engaging and combining the capital of various players. However, it is indisputable that the aggressor country should be the primary payer for the damage caused. Therefore, a separate part in this section is dedicated to recommendations to the global community on how to make Russia pay for the destruction caused. The collection is digitally available here or in the embedded window below.