RISE Ukraine is a coalition of Ukrainian and international public organizations, initiatives, state institutions and activists who support our Principles for Ukraine’s Reconstruction and Modernization through constructive dialogue with the authorities and international partners.

We have united to promote the principles of integrity and participation for Ukraine’s reconstruction and development, building accountability mechanisms for reconstruction, timely disclosure of data, just compensation for the inflicted damages by the aggressor, development of digital solutions for reconstruction, and involving citizens and businesses in the planning, monitoring and oversight.

How we work


All members of the Coalition act on the basis of openness and trust.

Transparency and accountability

The activities of the Coalition should be proactively accountable, transparent and accessible to the public. Information on decisions within the Coalition should be made public and will be available to all stakeholders.


We offer constructive solutions and are ready to take responsibility for their implementation. Coalition members bring their experience of creating digital government services including Prozorro, Prozorro.Sales, e-Health and other successful government systems, and are ready to work purposefully with the government.

Co-creation and inclusion

The Coalition encourages participation and collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including communication, consultation and involvement of national and local authorities, civil and international organizations, private sector actors, and the military.

Openness in our communication

We will serve as an independent source of information on the reconstruction to enable timely reporting of corruption risks and violations, and counteract misinformation.

Independent and non-political

The coalition will remain independent and we will not participate in the allocation of resources for reconstruction to avoid any conflicts of interest. We are non-partisan and we will not support political organizations and politicians, nor will we promote any political views. We are equidistant from all political movements and we work exclusively in the interests of the Ukrainian people.

Zero tolerance for corruption

The coalition adheres to the principle of zero tolerance for corruption by its members.

Who do we work with?

The coalition is ready to cooperate with all stakeholders, both in Ukraine and abroad, whose goal is a modern, free and just Ukraine, where the rule of law prevails.

We do not work with those organizations and institutions that do not adhere to our Principles for  the Reconstruction and Modernization of Ukraine, or do not share a clear pro-Ukrainian position.

If you have any requests or ideas for cooperation, please write to info@rise.org.ua

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