We are a coalition of Ukrainian and international organizations working for

Ukraine’s Reconstruction Integrity, Sustainability and Efficiency

Our vision

Our goal is to support the reconstruction and recovery of Ukraine after Russia's brutal, illegal invasion. We want to help the country build back better, making the reconstruction a model of integrity, sustainability and efficiency. We will do this through inclusive dialogue, open data and the latest digital technology to put information about project status and the use of funds at the fingertips of anyone, anywhere.

This open, inclusive, data-driven dialogue between Ukraine’s government, international partners, donors, and citizens will bolster transparency, accountability and efficiency in delivering the modern, people-centered infrastructure Ukrainian citizens deserve, from hospitals to schools and roads to public housing, and more. Our approach will maximize social and economic opportunity for citizens and business, and make sure decisions are made quickly without sacrificing quality and integrity.

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Our objectives

Our goal is to support the recovery and modernization of Ukraine after the war, to increase the amount of funds dedicated to the reconstruction of Ukraine, and to ensure their transparent and efficient use by:


Accountable, transparent and inclusive processes to enable the participation of all relevant public and private actors involved in the reconstruction.


Effective mechanisms for flagging risks and escalating cases for investigation by the appropriate internal and external enforcement authorities overseeing the use of reconstruction funds.


Creating accountability mechanisms that will enable operational monitoring and control of the efficient use of funds allocated to support Ukraine.


Grow the coalition and promote our Principles for Ukraine’s Reconstruction and Modernization.


Development of digital solutions and platforms to power the reconstruction, including an electronic reconstruction management system integrated with existing digital public services portals such as Diia, Prozorro, Prozorro.Sale and others.


Publishing complete, timely, and open data complying with international best practices and open data standards for publishing information, such as the Open Contracting Data Standard for public procurement from project planning to implementation and the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard for information on businesses winning contracts.


Ensuring the involvement of citizens and businesses in the planning, monitoring and oversight of recovery spending building on existing citizen feedback approaches, such as using the Dozorro network of civic monitors.


Communicating the reconstruction process and implementation across the different projects and stakeholders to improve coordination. We will create a one-stop information platform to share insights and provide up-to-date analysis of the progress in key areas of reconstruction for internal and external stakeholders.

Our Principles for Ukraine’s Reconstruction and Modernization

Ukrainian-owned, internationally verified
Transparency and accountability
Competition and Efficiency
Equity and inclusion
Publication and use of open data
Reforms must continue
Zero tolerance to corruption

How we help others

For public sector

We will focus on building accountability mechanisms for reconstruction, timely disclosure of data, development of digital solutions for reconstruction, and involving citizens and businesses in the planning, monitoring and oversight. This will help to increase trust in government from citizens, businesses, and international partners.

This will also raise more funds for the reconstruction. The timely, reasonable, transparent, and efficient disclosure and data use that we support will improve coordination and implementation  of this vital national project.

For citizens

The coalition will become a central point of gathering data, information and insights to provide accurate updates on key areas for reconstruction and progress in all of them, as well as promoting effective and efficient transparency and open data on reconstruction projects in Ukraine.

We will also foster public engagement and feedback to improve project planning and implementation.

Every citizen of Ukraine – and the world – will be able to learn about ongoing and completed reconstruction projects, who is responsible for their implementation, how they are being implemented and more. It will also empower the public to use tools for monitoring and control of the reconstruction efforts.

For business

We will work to create a level-playing field and guarantee equal access to opportunities to contribute to the reconstruction effort, supporting fair and open competition and innovation.

For the international community

We will inform our international partners about what is really happening in the reconstruction projects, becoming a communication bridge between different projects and initiatives to make sure that everyone is aware of all events and coordinates as necessary.

We will help increase aid effectiveness, protect investment and promote  best practices. We hope to support a compelling example of open government and open contracting to inspire the world.

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