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RISE Ukraine Coalition: the results of the year

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Despite russia's full-scale war against Ukraine and all the challenges facing Ukrainians in 2023, the RISE Ukraine Coalition continues to support the reconstruction and recovery of our country. In this article, we summarize the work of the Coalition in 2023 and share our achievements.

In March, the RISE Ukraine Coalition and the Agency for Restoration signed a Memorandum of cooperation, which provides for the joint implementation of the Digital Reconstruction Management System (DRMS), in particular, the Industrial Reconstruction Management System in the field of infrastructure, which is one of the critical components of the DRMS. As well as cooperation in developing and implementing anti-corruption policies and providing access to open data. 

In May, the Ministry for Restoration and the RISE Ukraine Coalition presented the communication platform of the digital ecosystem for reconstruction management DREAM

DREAM – is a government-owned digital ecosystem providing a single digital pipeline for all the reconstruction projects. The digital reconstruction management ecosystem DREAM is developed by the Ministry of Communities and Territories and Infrastructure Development in partnership with the RISE Ukraine Coalition. Development of the system is carried out by the Open Contracting Partnership and Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO). Methodological support is provided by Transparency International Ukraine. Implementation is supported by DREAM Project Office. 

During the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) 2023 in London, there took place the presentation of the public module of the Digital Restoration Ecosystem for Accountable Management (DREAM).

Also at the Ukraine Recovery Conference, the RISE Ukraine Coalition presented its collection of essays: "Success is the only option: Ukraine's recovery and modernization". This collection addresses the question why Ukraine will succeed in recovery, restoration, and modernization. 

Together with Save the Children, our Coalition prepared a paper with recommendations on Ukraine recovery and reconstruction. It emphasizes the importance of adopting an inclusive, human-centric, child-centric, and gender-just approach, anticipating major risks that may jeopardize reconstruction efforts, along with mitigation measures that can be taken at present.

The RISE Ukraine Coalition became a co-author of two guides dedicated to the organization of reconstruction processes in Ukraine: "Kyiv's Mobilization for Restoration" — a Landscape Analysis of Ukrainian Government Authorities Organizing for a Marshall Plan; and “Civil Society in Ukraine's Restoration” — a Guide to CSOs Mobilizing for a Marshall Plan. 

This year, our Coalition representatives took part in the "Securing Integrity Of Ukraine’s Reconstruction Funding" conference in Brussels; the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London; the conference "Accountability and Transparency in the Restoration and Reconstruction of Ukraine"; a Conference on Rebuilding Ukraine "Building already!"; the thematic discussion "Outlines of the future: Victory, Restoration, and Modernization of Ukraine" within the framework of the Civil Society Forum. In addition, we visited Brussels and Strasbourg on a working visit and held several official meetings in Washington with representatives of think tanks, politicians, and journalists.

We became co-organizers of the experience exchange session on the topic "Reconstruction of Ukraine: lessons from Indonesia" and a workshop to strengthen the international advocacy capacity of Ukrainian public organizations and charitable foundations.

Members of the Coalition participated in the development of the draft law on the principles of restoration and a new law on the reform of the Accounting Chamber.

RISE Ukraine, together with the Center for Innovations Development and the Ministry of Communities and Territories and Infrastructure Development, conducted a study of the level of involvement of all interested parties in the reconstruction process

In October, representatives of public organizations that are members of RISE Ukraine initiated the creation of a new Coalition working group on involving the private sector in the reconstruction process.

To highlight our work, we conduct active external communication. In addition to social networks and the website, we prepare weekly newsletters about the reconstruction, as well as create podcasts with guests related to the rebuilding. 

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We thank all the members of the Coalition, our partners, and our audience! We continue to work to ensure Ukraine’s Reconstruction Integrity, Sustainability and Efficiency. 

We are building our future together!