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The RISE Ukraine Coalition signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the Agency for Restoration

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The head of the Agency for Restoration, Mustafa Nayyem, and the newly appointed deputy head on the Anti-corruption Policy, Valeriya Ivanova, met with representatives of NGO - members of the RISE Ukraine Coalition.


The head of the Agency presented the main directions of work, principles, and procedures of interaction with local authorities, sources of financing for the restoration projects, as well as the principles of anti-corruption policies.


Among other things, Agency’s representatives discussed cooperation with the RISE Ukraine Coalition in developing and implementing the Digital Reconstruction Management System (DRMS) as a key digital tool for managing and controlling restoration projects.


Mustafa Nayyem emphasized the importance of complete openness and transparency of the DRMS, free access to data based on the principle of "everyone can see everything" to ensure monitoring and control, and help communities in planning and fundraising for regional restoration projects. 


The parties signed a Memorandum of cooperation, which provides for the joint implementation of the DRMS, in particular, the Industrial Reconstruction Management System in the field of infrastructure, which is one of the critical components of the DRMS. As well as cooperation in developing and implementing anti-corruption policies and providing access to open data.


The representatives of the Agency confirmed their readiness for open partnership with NGOs. As part of further cooperation with the Coalition, regular meetings will be held to discuss the mechanisms of working with local communities and introducing anti-corruption safeguards in procuring and managing restoration projects.


The State Agency for Reconstruction and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine (Agency for Restoration) was created in January 2023 by merging the State Agency for Infrastructure Projects and the State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine.

The critical task of the Agency for Restoration is the effective and transparent implementation of restoration projects at the national and regional levels.