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The Securing Integrity Of Ukraine’s Reconstruction Funding conference took place in Brussels

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How to secure the integrity of Ukraine's reconstruction funds? How to strengthen the institutional frameworks of Ukraine's reconstruction? The first session of the Securing Integrity Of Ukraine’s Reconstruction Funding conference, moderated by Maria Golubeva, Richard von Weizäcker Fellow at Robert Bosch Academy, discussed these challenges.

Oleksii Dorogan, CEO at Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO), Co-founder of RISE Ukraine, explained the workings of the new institutional architecture that has emerged to manage reconstruction funds. Oleksii underlined that for the Ukrainian reconstruction to succeed, international donors need trust, which can be reinforced by ensuring that civil society has a seat at the table - this is why RISE Ukraine was established.

Tom Keatinge, Director of Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS) at RUSI, highlighted that we need to immunise the system from mismanagement, to ensure that the reconstruction funds are used for the benefit of Ukrainian citizens. Beyond the government, the private sector is responsible for ensuring integrity in the reconstruction, too.

Viktor Nestulia, Head of Ukraine’s Support, Open Contracting Partnership, Chair of RISE Ukraine Coalition highlighted that most successful Ukrainian reforms were implemented in close cooperation between the government, civil society, businesses and international partners - the reconstruction efforts should be no exception, either. RISE Ukraine has developed an end-to-end digital management for the reconstruction efforts, from the drafting of municipality-level plans to monitoring the implementation of projects.

Dr. Manfredas Limantas, Policy Officer, Fundamentals, Rule of law, Anti-Fraud and Financial Management, Ukraine Service, DG NEAR, European Commission, mentioned that Ukraine is standing strong, with the EU candidate status offering unique opportunities for Ukraine's transformation. Manfredas highlighted that beyond establishing IT systems, Ukraine needs a comprehensive control environment, including strong internal and external auditing systems and control mechanisms.

Learn more about the Supervising and Monitoring Ukraine’s Reconstruction Funds project here: