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The members of RISE Ukraine ratified the key directions of the coalition's activities

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A meeting of member organizations of the RISE Ukraine Coalition took place in Kyiv. During the meeting, the members of RISE Ukraine approved the organizational structure of the Coalition, key directions of activities, and principles of cooperation for transparent and effective Reconstruction.

The representatives of RISE Ukraine presented the organizational structure of the Сoalition, the principles and mechanisms of interaction, and the work done during the first month.

In addition, three key areas of activities were defined and agreed upon:

  • building the institutional architecture of Reconstruction,
  • implementation of a single Electronic Reconstruction Management System,
  • monitoring, prevention of corruption, fixation, and implementation of best practices.

The members of the Coalition also worked in groups to develop an action plan in key areas, determined the contribution of organizations in each of them, and discussed further interaction and coordination of the Coalition's activities.

The interaction of RISE Ukraine members will be based on the principle of involvement in common areas of activity. At the same time, each of the participating organizations will continue to perform their own tasks.

Viktor Nestulia, chairman of the board of RISE Ukraine, noted that the Coalition's critical task is to promote principles and co-creation in Reconstruction processes - both in the development of institutional infrastructure and in launching digital tools and monitoring and preventing violations. "Trust should be the basis of Ukraine’s Reconstruction. This trust is based not only on transparent processes and procedures, transparent decision-making mechanisms but also on constructive dialogue with all the stakeholders of the process," he believes.

A constructive approach means not only criticizing decisions and practices but also proposing better options and co-creating tools for monitoring and managing the Reconstruction. "We believe that the government, business, the public, and international partners should join forces, helping each other in the joint task of rebuilding a powerful state of Ukraine," Viktor Nestulia emphasized, adding that in the first month of the Coalition's work it succeeded to establish a dialogue with representatives of all key recovery stakeholders.

Oleksii Sobolev, Director of Prozorro.Sales State Enterprise noted that state and public institutions have already been formed in Ukraine, capable of becoming drivers of the reconstruction. "The main task within the Coalition should be the unification of their efforts, clear organization, and interaction. For this, an effective reconstruction management infrastructure must be created - at the level of interaction between the state, the public, business, international governments, and organizations. Due to clear coordination, the efficiency of such infrastructure will increase many times over, and therefore, ambitious Reconstruction plans will become quite realistic," he believes.

Oleksii Dorohan, executive director of the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO), emphasized the importance of creating a single Electronic Reconstruction Management System. "This is a complex IT solution that should ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency of the planning process of Ukraine's recovery," he said.

According to Oleksii Dorohan, the Electronic Reconstruction Management System will consist of several key modules responsible for each stage in the Reconstruction process. The management system should combine all these modules based on open data exchange and offer convenient interfaces and dashboards that will allow everyone to monitor the status of projects. "With joint efforts, we can create an exemplary global case: a transparent, effective system based on the best examples of Ukrainian electronic systems - Diya, the Electronic system in the construction field, Prozorro, Prozorro. Sales, etc.," he added.

Ivan Lakhtionov, deputy executive director for implementing innovative projects of Transparency International Ukraine, reminded that powerful teams for monitoring public procurement and sales, including the Dozorro project, are already working in Ukraine. "Civil society is ready to join the work of monitoring Reconstruction projects at every stage - from planning to procurement, implementation, and audit. The main task in this direction is to provide public organizations with access to open data and interaction with authorities to prevent corruption violations. These are fundamental issues on which the Coalition will work with the support of organizations throughout Ukraine and beyond," he noted, adding that well-known public organizations engaged in monitoring have already joined the Coalition.

As of August, more than 30 organizations have joined the RISE Ukraine Coalition. The principles of Reconstruction declared by RISE Ukraine were supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP), the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, the state enterprises Prozorro and Prozorro.Sales, etc.

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