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The Ministry of Infrastructure, together with RISE Ukraine and Ukravtodor, is creating a digital transport reconstruction management system

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The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Decree that launches an experimental project on the implementation of the Digital Management System for the reconstruction of transport infrastructure.


The implementation of this system will make the rebuilding of damaged and destroyed infrastructure transparent and open to businesses, international partners, experts, and civil society.


"The new IT system will allow monitoring the entire cycle of an infrastructure project: from design, public procurement, construction, reconstruction, and repair to the commissioning and audit of finished facilities.


Using the principle of "everyone sees everything" will enable the public and international partners to clearly understand where and how the funds aimed at recovery are being spent.


Implementation of Digital Reconstruction Management will contribute to the efficient, transparent, and accountable allocation of funds for infrastructural reconstruction.


In the future, this system can become the basis of the Digital Reconstruction Management System for all spheres and industries. In addition, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on reparations to Ukraine from Russia, which in particular recognizes the need to create, in cooperation with Ukraine, an international damage compensation mechanism and an international damage register.


Together with our partners, we are working to ensure that the international register of damages is integrated with the Ukrainian record of damaged property, which is the basis of Digital Reconstruction Management. In particular, I am grateful to the Government of Great Britain for its support in creating the Reconstruction Management System," commented Oleksandr Kubrakov, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine.


The launch of the Digital Transport Infrastructure Reconstruction Management System is scheduled for early 2023. The system's owner is the state, represented by the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the technical administrator is the State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor).


This project is implemented in cooperation with the international non-profit organization Open Contracting Partnership and the RISE Ukraine Coalition. Development financing is carried out within the framework of Open Contracting Partnership projects and member organizations of the RISE Ukraine Coalition, in particular with the support of the British Government.


"The creation of such a system is a crucial step towards the large-scale recovery of Ukraine. It will make it possible to better coordinate and better prepare reconstruction projects inside the country and present them to international partners through a "single window" according to the standards they understand," said Viktor Nestulya, head of Ukraine's support department at the Open Contracting Partnership.


According to him, in the future, the digital system of managing the reconstruction of the transport infrastructure will become the basis of the unified national Digital System of Reconstruction Management. The system will help manage the implementation of Ukraine's large-scale reconstruction plan and will be built according to the "umbrella" principle, combining both new and existing state digital systems: the digital system for managing the reconstruction of transport infrastructure, the Register of damaged and destroyed property, the e-procurement system Prozorro, Unified State Electronic System in the construction sector (USESCS),, etc.


Despite all the difficulties and limitations of the wartime period, it is important to rebuild the transport infrastructure according to transparent principles as far as possible under the current conditions.


"Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure, we are building a pilot system based on the principle of "everyone sees everything" - the maximum transparency of reconstruction will allow us to monitor how every hryvnia, pound, euro or dollar invested by our international partners and the government of Ukraine is spent and will increase the confidence of the entire world community in this extremely complex project. Ukraine will once again become an example of open governance and contracting for the whole world," Viktor Nestulya added.


As a reminder, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.380 dated 26.03.2022, with the support of the USAID / UK aid TAPAS project, is developing the State Register of property damaged and destroyed as a result of hostilities, acts of terrorism, and sabotage caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation.

On August 26, a memorandum on cooperation between the Ministry of the infrastructure of Ukraine and the coalition of Ukrainian and international organizations RISE Ukraine was signed. The Electronic Reconstruction management system will be introduced as part of the cooperation. The vision of the future system was presented during an expert discussion.