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"Civil Society in Ukraine’s Restoration. A Guide to CSOs Mobilizing for a Marshall Plan"

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During the 32 years since the restoration of Ukraine's independence, particularly during the last decade, Ukrainians have greatly strengthened civil society. Currently, it plays an important role in ensuring a transparent and accountable recovery and reconstruction process.

Civil society organizations know that their participation will be as important for the current Marshall Plan as for the large-scale transformations of the country from 2014 to 2022. Such public participation should be supported by everyone who hopes to see Ukraine restored as a strong democratic legal state with European-style public governance. To lay the groundwork for such a future, donors and other international partners must coordinate their actions with Ukrainian civil society now and throughout the recovery and reconstruction process.

The material contains recommendations for international partners who seek to support the development of civil society in Ukraine and better understand its nature. The material is based on the responses of Ukrainian public organizations to a survey conducted by the Institute of Analytics and Advocacy together with partners from the RISE Ukraine Coalition for the German Marshall Fund.

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